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This is an old article I found on my old myspace blog on why I went veg:

Monday, February 04, 2008  Why did you go veg?
Category: Life Here is why I did:

When I was around 8, My Parents took me to an off track program at a local farm… There I witnessed a cow give birth to a baby calf… Since I was the only one in the program at the time… (it was new and I was the first/only one to do it that week) they decided to name the calf after me… after going back the next year to see it I was delighted to see how much it had grown… however I went there the following year after that to find that my namesake had vanished… I wondered what had happened to him and they had told my parents that when a male calf is born it is of no use to them… so they send it to either a rodeo or veal factory… I was appalled… I didn’t know what veal was only that it was a type of food… that night or a night soon after we were sitting down for dinner which that night consisted of steak… while in the midst of the dinner my parents jokingly stated “We could be eating Jordan”… I then pushed my plate aside and refused ever to eat meat again. later I learned of veganism and the cruelty in which all forms of animal products cause. I then became vegan!

Now why did you?

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